Jennifer Montana 

Medium:  Oil

Seated Lady, Oil on Canvas, 70 x 60 in.

img 2486 med

Best known as the wife of football legend, Joe Montana, Jennifer takes painting seriously and her success as an artist is imminent.

Jennifer has painted off and on for 30 years and enjoys painting figurative and abstract compositions in oil on canvas.  “Art in general has always been a part of my life, whether interior designing or ceramics or designing T-shirts”.   Several years ago, we were living part time in Southern California to be close to our boys and I finally realized that I couldn’t come up with any more excuses for not painting”.    Jennifer enrolled in classes and started studying painting in earnest.  She started with portraits of her children but felt that somehow she felt too close to the subject when it came to portraiture.  Now, she has found a new freedom in abstract expressionism.  “I love the the strokes and textures and working with a palette knife.  This led her to Healdsburg to seek out her favorite figurative painter, Bradford Brenner, and asked him to give her lessons.   He recognized her talent immediately and encouraged her to seek gallery representation, which led her to our gallery.    In October, 2011, Gentry magazine launched her career as a painter.   Gentry magazine editor, Stephanie L. Beasley, best described Jennifer’s dedication to painting by stating that “her passion and fire seem to ignite with each subsequent canvas.  She treats each painting with the care, love and protective nature she does her children”.