Johnny Apodaca 

Medium:  Oil

New Day, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 40 in.

IMG 6212

Johnny’s current work is a culmination of thirty-six years of painting the contemporary landscape of the California Central Coast, where he aspires to identify with himself with truth and beauty.  

After many years, he has returned to formal abstract expressionist training.  He has come “full Circle”. 

This return is a direct result of his training with Reginald Rowe, his principal art educator.   “He was a great influence on me while at the MC Nay Art Institute of San Antonio, Texas….so many years ago”.

Johhny was recently accepted into the permanent collections of the Monterey Museum of Art and the Crocker Museum in Sacramento, California.

He has been the recipient of several awards.

With his wife, Janelle, he spends several months each year living and painting in Italy.